Florence flood responders, Lawrence Reger honored at 2016 annual meeting

At the 2016 AIC Annual Meeting in Montreal, a Closing Reception was held on May 17th that acknowledged the efforts of all North American responders to the Florence Flood, and also celebrated the career-long achievements of Lawrence L. Reger, former Executive Director of Heritage Preservation.

Some of the 1966 Florence flood responders were recognized with a commemorative plaque at the 44th Annual Meeting. Some of those who attended the meeting are pictured below: Norman Weiss, Sheila Waters, Barbara Heller, Sarah Fisher, Anne Pelikan, and Don Etherington. (Not pictured: Sue Sack and Lisa Mibach)

Norman Weiss, Flood Responder

Norman Weiss

Sheila Waters, Flood responder

Sheila Waters

Barbara Heller, Flood Responder

Barbara Heller

Sarah Fisher, Flood responder

Sarah Fisher

Anne Pelikan, Flood responder

Anne Pelikan

Don Etherington

Don Etherington

Lawrence L. Reger with Eryl Wentworth

Lawrence L. Reger with Eryl Wentworth