ANAGPIC 2006 Student Papers

Presented at the 2006 Annual Student Conference hosted by the University of Delware/Winterthur
Art Conservation Department


Tish Brewer (pdf) (doc), University of Texas at Austin
The Nature of Forgeries: Iron Gall Ink and Paper Aging in Relation to Forged Historical Documents – An Independent Study

Rebecca Capua (pdf) (doc), New York University
Materials and Techniques of George Grosz: American Watercolors

Catherine Coueignoux (pdf) (doc), University of Delaware/Winterthur
An Exploration of Surface: Deciphering the History and Meaning of the Winterthur Peter Stretch Clock’s Finish

Amy Crist (pdf) (doc), Buffalo State College
An Investigation of the Characteristics, Compositions, and Identification Methods of Wax Crayons and Colored Pencils, Including a Case Study of a Drawing by Roberto Matta

Matt Cushman (pdf) (doc), University of Delaware/Winterthur
A New Method for the Treatment of Iron-Stained Architectural Marble: in situ reduction of iron(III) using photovoltaic polymers and the introduction of a new chelating agent for conservation

Lindsay Haynes (pdf) (doc), Queen’s University
An Investigation into the Materials, Structure and Degradation Behavior of Portraits by William Sawyer

Jo-Fan Huang (pdf) (doc), Harvard University Art Museums
A Technical Examination of 7 Thai Manuscripts in the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries

Sandra Kelberlau (pdf) (doc), Harvard University Art Museums
How One Landscape-Painter Paints: The Technique of Sanford Robinson Gifford

Mary Oey (pdf) (doc), New York University
Some Problems in Musical Instrument Conservation in Museum Collections

Sara Ribbans(pdf) (doc), Queen’s University
Past Practices Causing Modern Problems: The Conservation of Three Jules Cheret Posters

Dana K. Senge (pdf) (doc), Buffalo State College
Analysis and Treatment of a Chinese Ceramic Mortuary Figure

Jim Thurn (pdf) (doc), University of Texas at Austin
Research on Methods to Remove Mold from Cellulose Acetate Audiotape

Photo Credits: (Top Left) Roberto Matta, Untitled, from Amy Crist’s paper; (Middle) Hans Ruckers the Elder, Double virginal, 1581, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, from Mary Oey’s paper; (Top Right) Detail of Portrait of Robert J. Carson, 1881, from Lindsay Haynes’ paper.