ANAGPIC 2007 Student Papers & Posters

Presented at the 2007 Annual Student Conference hosted by the Harvard University Art Museums
Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies

Snowden Becker (pdf) (doc), University of Texas at Austin
See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Audiovisual Evidence, Forensics, and Preservation in Law Enforcement

Morwenna Blewett (pdf) (doc), Harvard University Art Museums
‘A Puzzle to the Critics’: The Technical Analysis and Treatment of a 16th Century Panel Painting of Possible French Origin

Marie-Catherine Cyr (pdf) (doc), Queen’s University
Conservation Issues: The Case of Time-Based Media Installations

Alisa Eagleston (pdf) (doc), New York University
The Conservation of a Baining Headdress

Anne R. Grady (pdf) (doc), Buffalo State College
Technical Examination and Treatment of an African Sword

Amber Kerr-Allison (pdf) (doc), University of Delaware/Winterthur
Outdoor Public Murals: Materials, Advocacy and Conservation

Jennifer Kim (pdf) (doc), New York University
Jaime Davidovich’s Foam TV: An Interplay of Research, Interview, and Discussion to Determine Appropriate Treatment Avenues and the Acceptability of Replication

Crystal Maitland (pdf) (doc), Queen’s University
Where Archival and Fine Art Conservation Meet: Antioxidant and Deacidification Treatments of Corrosive Copper Watercolours Associated with Iron Gall Ink in Works of Art on Paper

Samantha Sheesley (pdf) (doc), Buffalo State College
Artist Interviews as a Tool for Diligent Conservation Practice

Theresa Smith (pdf) (doc), Harvard University Art Museums
Bleaching and Color Reversion in Ingres Drawings at the Fogg Museum

Samantha Springer (pdf) (doc), University of Delaware/Winterthur
An Examination of Alterations to Mississippian Period Native Copper Artifacts from the Collection of the National Museum of the American Indian


ANAGPIC 2007 Student Posters
Presented at the 2007 Annual Student Conference hosted by the Harvard University Art Museums

Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies

Melissa Buschey and Erin Jue (pdf) (jpg), New York University
The Characterization of Three UV-Inhibiting Fixatives Used for Works of Art on Paper

Aimee Ducey (pdf) (jpg), New York University
Replacement of Colored Plexiglas in Modern Sculpture

Stephanie Gagne (pdf) (jpg), Queen’s University
JunFunori and Water Based Media: A Comparative Investigation into Media Used to Inpaint Matte Surfaces

Julie Mosbo (pdf) (jpg), University of Texas at Austin
Wrangling Film: A Case Study of Assessing the Preservation and Access Needs of Argentinean Gaucho Films

Taryn Webb (pdf) (jpg), Queen’s University
Consolidating Mud Brick at Al Humayma
, Jordan

Photo Credits: (Top Left) Detail of Sudanese Kaskara sword during treatment, from Anne R. Grady’s paper; (Middle) Entombment of the Virgin, from Morwenna Blewett’s paper; (Top Right) Gary Hill, Between Cinema and a Hard Place, 1991, from Marie-Catherine Cyr’s paper.


The 2007 student participants were Sheina Barnes, Snowden Becker, Morwenna Blewett, Melissa Buschey, Dianna Clise, Marie-Catherine Cyr, Aimee Ducey, Alisa Eagleston, Stephanie Gagne, Anne R. Grady, Erin Hammeke, Erin Jue, Amber Kerr-Allison, Jennifer Kim, Andrea Knowlton, Crystal Maitland, Julie Mosbo, Kate Payne, Samantha Sheesley, Theresa Smith, Samantha Springer, and Taryn Webb.