Topics in Photographic Preservation 2009, Volume 13, Article 7 (pp. 10-10)

Foam (12), by Zhang Huan: the Treatment of an Oversize Chromogenic Print

Thomas M. Edmondson

Presented at the PMG session of the 2008 AIC Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado


This work by Chinese photographer and performance artist Zhang Huan required treatment to correct a welt or area of detachment of the photographic print from its mount board. The welt was located in the proper lower right quadrant, and extended nearly 6” into the bottom center image area with about ¼ − ½” rise. This presentation discusses the treatment process starting with the initial and misleading examination that led to mistaken conclusions regarding the course of treatment, describing the various steps of the treatment and the difficulties and complications that were encountered, and concluding with observations and commentary about the experience. About Huan from 3 Quarks Daily: “In China, people thought I should be in a mental hospital,” says Zhan, smiling. “In New York, they understood what I was doing as art.”

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