AIC’s Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee Seeks New Member

The  is seeking to fill the vacancy of one of its five membership positions. We seek a Fellow (preferably) or PA with a specialty, geographic location, and type of practice (institutional or private) that will increase the diversity represented on the Committee.

The AIC Board of Directors sends cases of dispute involving AIC members to the E&S Committee for consideration of what if any AIC ethics and/or standards of practice are being chal­lenged or compromised. The Committee researches details of the dispute and the intent of the Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice and reports their findings to the Board for consideration of a solution.

If you are interested in serving and believe you will have the time to devote to the occasional obligations of research and delib­eration (by email and conference call), please send us a brief state­ment of your interest, the reason for your interest in serving on this committee, and what you feel you might bring to the delib­erations. Your email should be sent to Christiana Cunningham-Adams at