ACTS FACTS, the monthly newsletter of Arts, Crafts, and Theater Safety (ACTS), has been publishing issues since 1987. Monona Rossol is the Editor of ACTS FACTS.  ACTS has entered into an agreement with the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation to make the ACTS FACTS archives available to the public.

To protect the value of subscriptions, issues from the past three years are not posted. If you would like access to the most recent ACT FACTS newsletters, you may subscribe at

Issues are available below, collected into annual volumes. Some issues and pages within these volumes may be missing and will be added when they become available. The volumes are searchable pdfs, scanned at high resolution. Please contact Bonnie Naugle at AIC if you have a missing issue or page and would like to donate it to the archives.

Volumes (pdfs are  2 to 7 MB each, and may take some time to download):

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