2022 | Los Angeles

These are articles and abstracts from presentations given in the general and concurrent general sessions of AIC’s 50th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

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Title Page, Table of Contents, and Introduction to the General and Concurrent Sessions Postprints

Objects, Memory, and Restorative Justice (A Personal Reflection on Conservation’s Meaning), by Rachel Rivenc

Green Tea Flowers Bloom in Autumn: Reflections of a Korean-American Architectural Conservator in the American Southwest, by Alex B. Lim

Building A Firm [Data] Base: What the 2020 AIC COVID-19 Impact Survey Tells Us About the Conservation Field, by Sarah Reidell

Disability Inclusion in Conservation, by Hilary A. Kaplan and Linda A. Blaser

Legitimizing the Past: Conservation, Expertise, and the Power of Transformation, Caitlin R. O’Grady

On the Use of Culturally Appropriate Technical Terminology, by Narayan Khandekar

Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage: Exhibition, Case Study, and the Big Picture, by Sarah Nunberg, Matthew J. Eckelman, and Sarah A. Sanchez

Settling Between the Chairs: The Development of Conservation Towards a Scientific Discipline as Reflected in the Establishment of a Formal Academic Training in Early 20th Century Vienna, by Sigrid Eyb-Green, Catherine Bouvier, Magdalena Schindler, and Wolfgang Baatz

When AI Meets Literary Collections: Feasibility of AI Visual Technology on Identifying Paper Deterioration, by Wan-Jen Lin and Bor-Tung Jiang 

Structured Conservation Data for the Next Information Age, by Ryan Lieu (abstract)

From Blinking Bulbs to Advanced AI: The Past, Present and Future of HVAC Control, by Christopher Cameron (abstract)

Eyes Only? Revealing or Preserving Secrets of Congolese Art Objects, by Sofie Dierickx and Siska Genbrugge (abstract)

Using Data with Humans: Successes and Failures of Data Storytelling in the Realm of Conservation, by Mary Wilcop (abstract)

Collaboration and Technical Investigation to Better Understand Indigenous Northwest Coast Cultural Material, by Megan E. Salas, Raven LeBlanc, Aay Aay Hans, Hans Chester, Harold Jacobs, Karen Duffek, and Brandi L. MacDonald

Establishing Context and Continuity for the Use of Human Remains in Tibetan Ritual Objects: Conservation as Research Methodology, by Ayesha Fuentes

A Community-centered Approach to the Stewardship of Alfonso Ossorio’s Feast and Famine, by Abigail Duckor and Matthew Villar Miranda

Uncovering Collection Histories and Provenance Through Collaborative Research, by Landis Smith

The Success of a Team Effort: Preservation Initiatives at the AfricaMuseum, by Siska Genbrugge and Marieke Van Es (abstract)

Conservation Initiative in African Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: The Impact of Interdisciplinary Research + Collaboration on Collections of African Material Culture, by Casey Mallinckrodt, Ainslie Harrison, Kathryn Brugioni Gabriel-Li, and Sheila Payaqui (abstract)

Facing Heritage Shrinkage: The New Roles of Architects of the Buildings of France, by Alix De La Gaignonnière

A Cross-Disciplinary Charrette: Exploring Conflicts and Proposing Solutions for Opening Sealed Sound Recordings, by Naomi Kroll Hassebroek, Joannie Bottkol, and Jerry Fabris

Inherent Vice: Conservation as a Catalyst for Artistic Collaboration, by Anna Rose Keefe, Kate Irvin, and Jessica Urick 

Objects, Paper, Textiles, Outreach: Conservation Capacity Development at the Minnesota Historical Society, by Megan Narvey  

Touch Decisions, by Jane Henderson and Ashley Lingle (abstract, also a JAIC article)

Bears Ears Site Preservation Project: Responding to Visitor Impacts on Cliff Dwellings in Southeast Utah, by Shanna Diederichs (abstract)

The Human Factor: How to Recover the Hidden Craftsmanship of a Portuguese Moldmaker, by Agnès Le Gac, Helena Pinheiro de Melo, and Élia Roldão

Art Conservators: Caregivers and Storytellers, by Ximena Bernal Castillo

New Hall, New Paths: Hall Revisualization Leads to Renovated Practice, by Erin Murphy and Stephanie Black

Save the Past and Inspire the Future: A Kingdom-wide Community Research Project Aims to Save Memories on Vanishing Traditional Saudi Male Costumes by Collecting Information in a Museum Database, by Konstantinos Chatziantoniou (abstract)

Reflections on Authority in the Conservation of Indigenous Objects in Museums, by Ellen Carrlee, Amy Tjiong, and Adrienne Gendron (abstract)

Embracing Infinite Slippage, by Libby Ireland and Jack McConchie (abstract)

Chance, Choice, Change, by Jim Coddington

The Ethics of Care: Examining Ethics from Nonconservation Resources to Inform Human-centered Conservation, by Nina Owczarek

Sociopolitical Flux & Conservation Interventions: Studying Fascist Monuments in Italy, by Joannie Bottkol

Rethinking Textile Treatment on an Iconic Aircraft: Conservation of the 1909 Wright Military Flyer, by Elizabeth Beesley, Nora Frankel, Malcolm Collum, Lauren Horelick, and Bill Hadden

Conservation of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch: The Decision-Making Process, by Petria Noble, Esther Van Duijn, Anna Krekeler, Laura Raven, Susan Smelt, Ilse Steeman, Ige Verslype, and Lisette Vos

A Future Defined by Risk: The Tomb of Tutankhamen and Its Influence on the Development of the Field of Conservation, by Lori Wong (abstract)

Decontextualization: A Form of Dissociation or a New Risk? by Christel Pesme and Renée Riedler (abstract)

Fifty Years of Preventive Conservation: From Avoiding Change to Maximizing Values Delivered and Retained, by Robert Waller (abstract)

Social Disconnection: Is It the 11th Agent of Deterioration? by Thiago S. Puglieri, Diego L. Ribeiro, Daniel M. V. De Souza, and Carla Gastaud (abstract)

Lighting the Way: The Evolution of Preservation-Based Museum Lighting Policies and Practices Between 1978 and 2020, by Steven Weintraub (abstract)

Back to the Future: Managing Pests in a Changing World, by Rachael Perkins Arenstein, Patrick Kelley, and Suzanne Ryder (abstract)

Standards, Science, and Sustainability: Four Decades of Environmental Management for Collections Preservation, by Jeremy Linden (abstract)

50 Years in the Making—The Evolution of our Profession and Thoughts About Its Future, by Rebecca Rushfield and Joyce Hill Stoner (abstract)

History of the Textile Specialty Group, by Annabelle Camp

Overview of the Evolution of Photograph Conservation, by Courtney Helion and Luisa Casella

50 Years of History: The Paintings Specialty Group, by Elise Effmann Clifford, Irma Passeri, Kari Rayner, and Kate Smith

History of the Wooden Artifacts Group (WAG), by Kathy Z. Gillis

Timeline of Professional Membership Organizations for Conservators of Cultural Heritage, by Sharra Grow 

The Research and Technical Studies (RATS) Group: Technical Art History, by Narayan Khandekar 

Private Practice, by Rosa Lowinger 

Interviews with Past Health and Safety Committee/Network Chairs: Contemplating the Past, Celebrating the Accomplishments, Addressing the Challenges, by Kathryn A. Makos, Catharine Hawks, and Lisa Goldberg

Fifty Years of Modern and Contemporary Art Conservation at AIC, by Mareike Opeña

A Brief History of ECPN, by Jessica Betz Abel, Michaela Paulson, and Molly Gleeson

History of The Electronic Media Group, by Crystal Sanchez and Martha Singer

Lessons from Objects Conservators: Using the FAIC Oral History Project as a Lens, by Samantha Springer

Preserving Books and Works on Paper in US Collections, by Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa and Margaret Holben Ellis

The Stabilization of Textile Conservation During the Second Half of the 20th Century, by Sarah Scaturro (abstract)

The Unreasonable Descent of Books in US Research Libraries, by Randy Silverman (abstract)

Reimagining the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art, by Dana Moffett and Ashley Jehle

Evolving the Practice of Conservation, Care, and Stewardship at the National Museum of the American Indian, by Kelly McHugh and Susan Heald