Last week, PMG members were challenged to participate in the rescue effort called T-160K Timbuktu Libraries in Exile and help raise fund to protect 300,000 precious manuscripts that were evacuated last year from Timbuktu in the midst of a civil war.
Our goal was to help raise $1500 for the preservation of 50 manuscripts; it was met a few days ago. To this day PMG members have contributed enough funds to preserve more than 60 manuscripts.
I am now challenging you, Facebook Friends of AIC, to join the fundraising effort. If each of you contributes just $1 to the campaign, you could help preserve 231 additional manuscripts!
 Hurry up, there are only a few hours left to contribute and join this great learning adventure of the Timbuktu Libraries. To show your support, make your donation directly at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/timbuktu-libraries-in-exile/x/3254149?c=home and “like” this posting.
How your contribution makes a difference:
All of the funding raised through the Indiegogo campaign will serve a single purpose: better accommodate the manuscripts (individual boxing, buffering and humidity control while maintaining mobility so that the manuscripts can be moved in the case of an escalation of socio-political strife in Mali) to lessen the risk of deformation and arrest microbial infestation that are imminent and will lead to very significant loss of substance.
Many thanks,
Sylvie Pénichon
Chair, Photographic Materials Group
American Institute for Conservation

Reading on the roof of Djingareyber mosque
Reading on the roof of Djingareyber mosque