Senior Paintings Conservator & Assistant Paintings Conservator (Carlisle, PA, USA)

These job announcements were previously advertised on October 3, 2017. To see them, go to: Asst. Paintings Conservator, and Sr. Paintings Conservator.

Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc. in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA (a private conservation corporation providing conservation services for government, museum, corporate, & private collectors for 35 years) is posting two positions for “Professionally Trained” paintings conservators.

We are seeking candidates for full-time employment, with benefits and commensurate salary, for an ASSISTANT PAINTINGS CONSERVATOR (3 – 5 years of experience desired) and a SENIOR PAINTINGS CONSERVATOR (7 – 10+ years’ experience desired), both of which will report to the President/Chief Conservator of our corporation, John Hartmann – Fellow Member of AIC. Both positions will remain open until filled.

Candidates recently graduated, or soon to be graduated from a recognized Conservation Graduate School/Program with less experience than requested, will be considered for the Assistant Conservator position. Work will primarily be based out of our conservation facility in Pennsylvania, but may occasionally require on-site work at project sites nationwide. The Senior Conservator position’s primary job responsibilities will include personally undertaking complicated conservation treatments; completing conservation reports; and overseeing the daily operations of junior staff, project work; and deadline scheduling at our conservation facility.

If you are interested in either of these positions in our active private conservation business, feel that you are driven, self-motivated, and work well with a team; please send a cover letter, resume and curriculum vitae, three professional or academic references, available start date, salary requirements, and a sample Condition Report and Treatment Report example to, contact our business office at 717-258-3009, or send correspondence by mail to: Hartmann Conservation, 321 West Old York Road, Carlisle, PA 17015, USA.

We look forward to having interested applicants join our team. Please use the following links for more information about each active job posting at Hartmann Conservation:

  1. Assistant Paintings Conservator description:
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