Annual Meeting CHART!

We are pleased to inform AIC members that PSG and OSG officers, in collaboration with the AIC Office, have created a color-coded, hourly, cross-reference-capable daily schedule for this year’s annual AIC meeting. The PDF file can be found at this link:

The link will open up the file directly. You can then save it to your computer, mobile device, or tablet (it would look great on an iPad!).

For best results, the chart should be printed on 11×17 paper. Don’t have 11×17 paper on hand? Have your printer tile it onto multiple pages and piece it together with tape. Tiling is often an option in your printer’s “Page Scaling” dropdown menu.

This schedule chart is not intended to replace the final program booklet distributed by AIC at the meeting, but simply to offer a graphic layout of events.  We hope you enjoy this great annual meeting tool!