Part of disaster planning is knowing who to call for help and where to obtain services and supplies. Our Search tool allows you to search by state, multiple states nationally, or by type of service, expert, or supply. The results of your search can be downloaded into an Excel document for easy updating of your institution’s disaster plan.

Disaster plans for cultural institutions, including libraries, museums, historical societies, and archives, help to mitigate damage to collections in the event of a disaster. For examples of disaster plans, see the Sample Plans. Information on recovery techniques may be found in the Resources page. Regional conservation preservation field service offices where you can find assistance in writing a disaster plan and where help is available in the event of a disaster are also linked in Resources.

Please help this resource to grow by contributing experts, services, and supplies you are aware of in your region.

Note: Listing of companies, products, and experts does not constitute a recommendation.


The Disaster Mitigation Planning Assistance Website was a joint project of Library of Congress Preservation Directorate, the Center for Great Lakes Culture and the California Preservation Program. Prior to joining FAIC on Conservation OnLine, the database was maintained by Library of Congress Preservation Directorate and the California Preservation Program.