Report to The Henry Luce Foundation on American Art Collections

With support from The Henry Luce Foundation, Heritage Preservation has produced an analysis of the Heritage Health Index data on institutions with holdings by artists from the United States of America.

Download the compiled report (7 MB PDF) here, or download sections below:

Executive Summary (100K PDF)
Chapter 1: Data on Institutions Holding American Art (168K PDF)
Chapter 2: Condition of Collections (520K PDF)
Chapter 3: Intellectual Control and Assessment (336K PDF)
Chapter 4: Collections Environment (820K PDF)
Chapter 5: Collections Storage (1.2 MB PDF)
Chapter 6: Emergency Planning and Security (460K PDF)
Chapter 7: Preservation Staffing and Activities (970K PDF)
Chapter 8: Preservation Expenditures and Funding (1.9 MB PDF)
Chapter 9: Public Outreach (812K PDF)
Case Study Acknowledgements and Photo Credits (92K PDF)

Appendices (400K PDF):

  • Appendix A: American Art Committee Members
  • Appendix B: Heritage Health Index Participants with American Art Holdings
  • Appendix C: Survey Background and Methodology
  • Appendix D: Heritage Health Index Institutional Advisory Committee Members
  • Appendix E: Heritage Health Index Working Group Members
  • Appendix F: Heritage Health Index Survey Instrument, Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions

Selected Data

Condition of Art Objects at Institutions with American Art Holdings


Quantity of Art Objects at Institutions with the Largest Number of Art Holdings (by type of institution)


Institutions with American Art Holdings’ Percentage of Cataloged Collections


Institutions with American Art Holdings’ Use of Environmental Controls Where Collections Are Held


Institutions with American Art Holdings’ Collections Stored in Areas Large Enough to Accommodate Them Safely and Appropriately


Institutions with American Art Holdings with Emergency/Disaster Plan with Staff Trained to Carry It Out