Reconstruction and restoration of European Daguerreotype and Ambrotype cover glasses

Workshop, The State Hermitage Museum, April 21 – 24

Instructor: Jens Gold, Preus Museum

Group portrait with painted glass Left to right: Volha Eberts, Tatiana Sayatina, Natalia Laytar (sitting), Jens Gold, Aleksey Kosolapov, Natalia Avetyan, Darya Brovkina, Marina Kozlova (sitting)


  –          Tuesday: Look at the damaged ambrotypes at the storage in Menshikov palace 10:00 – 12:00,  after that – to Staraya Derevnya archive and conservation center for workshop preparations.

 –          Wednesday: Workshop making of Daguerreotype/ Ambrotype cover glasses (short power point lecture, different tools and materials and their properties, preparations of materials, short glass cutting lesson, practical work for everyone)  

 –          Thursday: Workshop making of Daguerreotype/ Ambrotype cover glasses (making of different varnishes, use of the prepared materials and varnishes with the masking system, practical work for everyone).  

 –          Friday: Workshop making of Daguerreotype/ Ambrotype cover glasses / Alternatives for broken cover glasses (use of glass conservation tools and materials to restore broken cover glasses. Possible use of these techniques for restoration of damaged Ambrotypes and glass plate negatives.  

Государственый Эрмитаж, 21 – 24 апреля

Инструктор: Йенс Голд, Преус музей