Resource Center

AIC Photographic Materials Group (AIC-PMG)
Information on caring for photographs.  Also back issues of “Topics in Photograph Conservation”

AIC Photographic Materials Group – Conservation Catalog
A Wiki site devoted to conservation of photographic materials.  Much in outline form, awaiting user contributions.

Information on albumen prints, included videos of processing:

Australian Network for Information on Cellulose Acetate (ANICA)
Useful information on handling cellulose acetate materials in collections

Searchable database of artists’ materials

Canadian Conservation Institute
How to Care For Photographic Materials
A guide for the general public

CI Notes
Specialized information on care of photographs from the Canadian Conservation Institute
N16/1 Care of Encased Photographic Images (2007)

N16/2 Care of Black-and-White Photographic Glass Plate Negatives (2007)

N16/3 Care of Black-and-White Photographic Negatives on Film (2007)

N16/4 Care of Black-and-White Photographic Prints (2007)

N16/5 Care of Colour Photographic Materials (2007)

N16/6 Processing contemporary black-and-white photographic films and papers for maximum permanence (2007)

On Conservation Testing

N17/1 The Beilstein Test: Screening Organic and Polymeric Materials for the Presence of Chlorine, with Examples of Products Tested (1993)

N17/2 The Diphenylamine Spot Test for Cellulose Nitrate in Museum Objects (1994)