Wet Collodion workshop, George Eastman House, June 30 – July 3


Left to right: Tatiana Sayatina, Natalia Avetyan, Mark Osterman. Photo by Irina Terenteva

Instructors – Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman


  • Tatiana Sayatina
  • Natalia Avetyan
  • Irina Terenteva
  • Natalia Laytar
  • Volha Eberts


A series of demonstrations relating to collodion on glass variants. All events take place at George Eastman House, 900 East Avenue, Rochester, NY and Scully & Osterman Studios, 186 Rockingham Street, Rochester, NY

Monday, June 30th

  • Orientation, Introduction & Overview Conservation Classroom – Mark Osterman
  • Wet Collodion Negatives in the Field Gardens
  • Post Processing Negatives Darkroom
  • Collodion Theory Conservation Classroom

Tuesday, July 1st

  • Introduction to Skylight Studio Scully & Osterman Studio – Mark Osterman
  • Negative Portrait Demo
  • Tour of Eastman House Museum Eastman House – Stacey VanDenburgh

Wednesday, JuIy 2nd

  • Intro to Ambrotype Scully & Osterman Studio – Mark Osterman
  • Ambrotype Variants Demo
  • Lantern slide Demo Scully & Osterman Studio
  • Opaltype Demo Scully & Osterman Studio
  • Discussion

Thursday, July 3rd

  • Retouching Collodion Negatives Demo Eastman House – Mark Osterman
  • Silver Chloride Theory Conservation Classroom
  • Proof Printing Darkroom
  • View Collodion Artifacts Photo Collection – Joe Stuble
  • Housing Glass Plates Conservation Classroom

Расписание (на англ.)

Слева направо: Татьяна Саятина, Наталья Аветян, Марк Остерман. Фотограф – Ирина Терентьева