2019-2021 Plan: Goals and Strategies (AIC)

31 Leave a comment on paragraph 31 0 All the goals below reflect agreed on priorities for AIC, and the order in which they are listed in the strategic plan does not indicate a greater or lesser level of importance.

Goal I

Enhance Member Services

32 Leave a comment on paragraph 32 1 As a professional membership organization defined by the tax code 501(c)(6), AIC’s primary function is to serve its membership. Conservation professionals form the core of AIC and significantly influence its direction, goals, and activities. AIC members serve in specialty groups and networks, on committees and task forces, and elect AIC’s board, in addition to providing ideas for AIC leadership to consider for improving AIC and advancing the field. AIC members also contribute content for workshops, the annual meeting, and publications. In support of its members, for whom AIC exists, AIC will continue to enhance membership benefits and services.


33 Leave a comment on paragraph 33 2 •  Continue to increase membership through pro-active retention and recruitment efforts and broadening AIC’s membership base, with the knowledge that outreach to young conservators and related professionals is increasingly important as the profession matures and changes, and as the needs of cultural heritage also change.

34 Leave a comment on paragraph 34 1 •  Review and implement approved revisions of AIC membership categories, including names of categories, terminology, requirements for peer-reviewed membership, application process, and requirements for professional designation maintenance.

35 Leave a comment on paragraph 35 0 •  Support the Membership Designations Working Group to assess options, engage in discussions with members, and make recommendations to the AIC board of directors.

36 Leave a comment on paragraph 36 0 •  Determine how to incorporate collection care specialists into AIC’s structure.

37 Leave a comment on paragraph 37 0 •  Once the categories and requirements are member approved and implemented, evaluate and refine new requirements.

38 Leave a comment on paragraph 38 0 •  Support the process for the creation of AIC networks from specialty groups, committees, or new groups. Encourage all groups to evaluate their current charge and goals, leadership documents, and structure and to aim for operational consistency, where realistically feasible.

39 Leave a comment on paragraph 39 0 •  Encourage a progression in membership through Fellow designation and deepen incentives for maintaining professional designations.

40 Leave a comment on paragraph 40 5 •  Guided by the recommendations in the 2018 report produced by the Equity & Inclusion Working Group and subsequent activities of the Equity & Inclusion Committee, address equity and inclusion in the conservation profession.

41 Leave a comment on paragraph 41 1 •  Consolidate constituent data sources to aid in membership recruitment and retention while also improving access to online resources.

42 Leave a comment on paragraph 42 0 •  Continue to refine and enhance communications with members regarding AIC and FAIC activities by assessing each tool/method and how each can be used most effectively.

43 Leave a comment on paragraph 43 2 •  Continue to explore benefits programs that will aid AIC members.

44 Leave a comment on paragraph 44 0 •  Enhance member engagement by incorporating online platforms, like Higher Logic, by fostering member-to-member communication both nationally and internationally.

Goal II

Advocate for the Field

45 Leave a comment on paragraph 45 1 With no indication that federal and state support will increase in the coming years, AIC will continue to devote as many additional resources as possible to strategic legislative advocacy and outreach efforts.  The goal is to support the work of AIC members as well as to ensure the long-term care of the world’s cultural heritage.


46 Leave a comment on paragraph 46 2 Position AIC and FAIC, according to our strengths, in national and international emergency response efforts for cultural heritage. Continue to work in cooperation with other international, national, and state emergency response organizations and funding agencies to address emergency preparedness and response issues.

47 Leave a comment on paragraph 47 0 •  Continue to strengthen collaborative relationships with allied organizations to increase stature in the arts and humanities community.

48 Leave a comment on paragraph 48 0 •  Participate in national efforts to shape policy and programs that strengthen conservation of cultural heritage.

49 Leave a comment on paragraph 49 0 •  Continue to inform members of congressional actions that threaten funding for the arts and culture and provide alerts (templates for letters, etc.) for action to be taken on a variety of platforms.

50 Leave a comment on paragraph 50 0 •  Continue to encourage members to attend American Alliance for Museums, National Humanities Alliance, and Americans for Arts Advocacy Days and provide support as needed.

51 Leave a comment on paragraph 51 0 •  Continue to promote the new (as of 2018) logo, tagline, and messaging to increase the impact of communications and outreach.

52 Leave a comment on paragraph 52 0 •  Promote the value of AIC peer-reviewed membership internally and externally by articulating and disseminating what it means to be a conservation professional.

53 Leave a comment on paragraph 53 0 •  Continue to develop outreach activities for allied professionals and the public of all ages, through K-12 programming and other means, and encourage and support member participation in outreach activities.

54 Leave a comment on paragraph 54 0 •  Provide AIC members with additional materials and messaging to conduct outreach as part of a campaign about what it means to be a professional conservator.

55 Leave a comment on paragraph 55 0 •  In conjunction with FAIC, advocate for the field with the goal of garnering increased awareness and support in the private sector.

56 Leave a comment on paragraph 56 0  

Goal III 

Provide Educational Opportunities to Advance the Field of Conservation 

57 Leave a comment on paragraph 57 1 The AIC, working with the FAIC Professional Development program, will review the educational opportunities available within the field and work toward developing, expanding, and supporting such opportunities.  The AIC and FAIC will continue to refine and expand their professional development programs to serve AIC members and to attract other professionals involved in the care of cultural heritage.  Also see separate FAIC Strategic Plan for Professional Development.


58 Leave a comment on paragraph 58 2 •  Continue ongoing evaluation of current continuing educational opportunities, such as the AIC Annual Meeting; evaluate needs for additional programs; and develop, implement, and support programs that enable members to remain informed of recent advances in the care of cultural heritage.

59 Leave a comment on paragraph 59 0 •  Work with FAIC to provide quality conservation education opportunities nationally with an emphasis on mid-level professional development.

60 Leave a comment on paragraph 60 0 •  Develop and support high quality training methods utilizing advanced educational tools and pedagogy to broaden accessibility to participants in a cost-effective manner, such as webinars to communicate new conservation ideas and techniques.

61 Leave a comment on paragraph 61 0 •  Create a plan for a leadership initiative in collaboration with FAIC. Identify and provide leadership training, and build resources, for career advancement and to strengthen our voice in the arts and humanities communities.

62 Leave a comment on paragraph 62 1 •  Continue to develop partnerships, leveraging resources to achieve maximum impact of education programming through collaborations with other organizations and institutions.

Goal IV

Develop and Promote Professional Standards for Members

63 Leave a comment on paragraph 63 0 As the profession of conservation evolves, the AIC Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Practice, and Commentaries to the Guidelines for Practice become increasingly important documents for the profession of conservation and the broader cultural community.  Establishing standards that both define and guide the field of conservation encourages professional growth and assures a major role for conservators in efforts to preserve cultural material.


64 Leave a comment on paragraph 64 1 •  Create a task force to review and provide to the AIC board recommendations for revisions to the Guidelines for Practice and Commentaries, including responses to the recommendations made in the “Charting the Digital Landscape” initiative.  

65 Leave a comment on paragraph 65 0 •  Heighten awareness of environmental sustainability in all conservation practices.

66 Leave a comment on paragraph 66 1 •  Develop position statements, as necessary, to reinforce AIC’s mission and goals as they relate to issues impacting the field and provide these position statements to the public, allied professionals, and decision-makers.

Goal V

Increase AIC Information Resources

67 Leave a comment on paragraph 67 0 High quality AIC print and electronic resources are critical to effectively serve AIC’s membership, in addition to the broader conservation community, allied professionals, and the general public.  AIC will continue to improve its information resources through regular review and adherence to policies that provide consistency, assure quality, and maintain standards.


68 Leave a comment on paragraph 68 3 •  Continue to create, enhance, and maintain electronic and print information resources to serve an international conservation community, allied professionals, and the public.

69 Leave a comment on paragraph 69 0 •  Collaborate with FAIC to continue to improve the Connecting to Collections Care (C2C Care) Online Community to provide collection care programming for allied professionals and to increase networking opportunities among conservators and allied professionals.

70 Leave a comment on paragraph 70 2 •  Support the publishing efforts of the specialty groups with advice and coordination as requested.

71 Leave a comment on paragraph 71 1 •  Promote AIC activities through development and outreach resources, including social media, and in conjunction with FAIC.

72 Leave a comment on paragraph 72 0 •  Support FAIC efforts to develop and maintain CoOL.

73 Leave a comment on paragraph 73 0 •  Utilize Higher Logic to improve access to and awareness of existing AIC and FAIC resources and publications.

74 Leave a comment on paragraph 74 0 •  Promote the translation of JAIC abstracts in a variety of languages.

75 Leave a comment on paragraph 75 1 •  Promote language publishing services or mentor matching for international scholars who wish to publish in JAIC.

Goal VI

Maintain the Fiscal Health of the Organization

76 Leave a comment on paragraph 76 0 AIC needs a robust financial base to effectively serve its membership and will continue to collaborate with FAIC to ensure continued fiscal stability and growth.   


77 Leave a comment on paragraph 77 0 •  Continue to develop additional AIC revenue sources, including through marketing activities for additional sponsorships, advertising, and publication sales. These steps will be coordinated with the FAIC sponsorship development initiative.

78 Leave a comment on paragraph 78 0 •  Continue to review effectiveness of the annual meeting structure and costs as the external and internal environment changes. Assess options to be considered for meetings four to ten years in the future, including how to capitalize on AIC’s 50th Annual Meeting (2022).

79 Leave a comment on paragraph 79 0 •  Develop tools and marketing methodologies that will aid in the retention and/or increase of the membership base.

80 Leave a comment on paragraph 80 0 •  Continue to update the Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual as necessary.

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