May meeting minutes from AIC 2010 meeting

ECPN meeting: May 11, 2010 – Hyatt Regency Milwaukee Crystal Room

Present at the Meeting:
Anna Marie Weiss
Blanka Kielb
Emily Macdonald-Korth
Amy Brost
Julie Benner
Josiah Wagener
Nathan Sutton
Gary Frost
Karen Pavelka
Rose Daly
Ryan Winfield
Jason Church
Amber Kerr-Allison

2. Angel’s Project
3. Outreach – flier, AAM Emerging Museum Professionals Network
4. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia
5. Mentoring program
6. Liasons with graduate programs
7. Survey results
8. CIPP membership

1. Rose checked in with her impression of the ANAGPIC 2010 meeting. She said there was a lot of interest, especially in the mentoring program. She regretted that she did not have a flier prepared so it could be included in the bag the students received at the conference.

2. The Angel’s Project was discussed and all the logistics had been worked out for the project, generously sponsored by Tru Vue Gaylord, Hollinger Metal Edge, and University Products.

3. More outreach projects were generally discussed, Ryan suggested we make a flier we could send to Art History or Museum Studies undergraduate programs. In later discussions it was mentioned that if there can be more visibility for the profession it will be a great benefit. Later it was discussed how conservators and museum professionals could network at the 2011 AAM meeting in Houston, Texas. Rose suggested proposing a panel discussion, having a information booth, or some other such project. Ruth Seyler and Ryan Winfield will be asking their contacts at AAM and reporting back at the next conference call.

4. Jason gave some updates about the facebook page, which has a number of followers and it is hoped that discussions about internships, graduate schools, and conservation training can begin in the discussion section of the facebook page. There is a twitter account, Rose is contacting Brett Rogers with info about the account so the proper AIC signage can be used on the site. ECPN members are interested in being more involved with the AIC wiki.

5. Mentoring Program – this is probably currently the most exciting project. The importance of helping emerging conservators to find mentors was really stressed and everyone was happy the project has been going well for some of the mentors and mentees. More mentors are needed as there is an excess of mentees. Members of the ECPN are encouraged to ask established conservators they feel would be good mentors to become involved. The mentors and mentees need to be AIC members,

6. Amber is hoping to have a set of graduate student and faculty liasons set up by the end of the year with all North American graduate programs for art conservation.

7. Survey results – the survey results are ready, and should be e-mailed out to the committee members in the next few weeks. A summary of the survey findings will be posted to the blog.

8. CIPP – Do we still have a reduced membership rate for CIPP?

4 thoughts on “May meeting minutes from AIC 2010 meeting”

  1. Any ECPN member can join the Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP)group of AIC for $5. This is a generous offer showing the CIPP is very interested in working with ECPN.

  2. I want to encourage ECPN members to get involved in the various AIC wiki projects that are underway through the specialty groups as well as those that we'd like to get started. If you have an idea for a wiki topic or want to find out how to get involved please contact me – I'm in the AIC directory. Rachael Arenstein, AIC E-editor

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