Check back soon for blog posts from AIC’s 39th Annual Meeting

Over 50 AIC members have generously volunteered their time and energy to blog about talks, workshops and tours from the 39th Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation.  We hope that these posts will allow colleagues near and far who are unable to attend the conference a chance to learn a bit about the papers, understand the context in which they were given and taste the flavor of the meeting.

AIC members have repeatedly asked for a platform in which they can discuss issues and topics in common – beyond the divisions of our specializations.  The new AIC blog is just one of the new tools we are rolling out to facilitate these conversations – hence the blog title – Conservators Converse.  We hope that the migration to this new, more user-friendly WordPress platform will also encourage discussion on the posts.  It is easy to comment and we look forward to hearing from you.