AIC Annual Meeting Review on TheArtBlog

Read an excerpt below of Ethical Principles and Critical Thinking in Conservation  by Andrea Kirsh  in her June 7, 2011 post on theArtBlog below and then follow the link to the full post.  At the bottom of the ArtBlog post make sure you catch the interesting response by Ali Hyder Gadhi, Programme Officer (Conservation) Master Plan for Rehabilitation and Cultural Tourism, Moenjodaro. Sindh Pakistan.

At the largest annual meeting of the American Institute for the Conservatiom of Historic and Artistic Works in 20 years, 1100 conservators met in Philadelphia during the first week in June to discuss ethical principles and critical thinking in conservation. Traveling from as far as Japan, they included staff of major museums (the National Gallery of Art, British Museum), conservators in private practice, and many students in training.   They compared standards historically, across different types of artifact and from one country to another. The meeting included conservation scientists, who analyze materials of artworks and historical artifacts, and conservators specializing in paintings, archives, books, maps, video art, historical computer hardware, artifacts of contemporary performance art, ethnographic work that retains ceremonial use, architecture, fountains, historical toys and even boats.

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