“Conservation: Futures and Responsibilities” A new international conference for students and emerging conservators

16-17 September 2011

IIC is delighted to announce a new international conference for
students and emerging conservators. ‘Conservation: Futures and
Responsibilities’ will focus on the relationship between
conservation education and the actualities of conservation in
practice. Its aim will be to offer an international perspective and
to facilitate communication between students and emerging
conservators on the one hand and, on the other, professionals active
in the field of conservation in national institutions and museums as
well as in the private sector. The themes discussed will be
supported by visits to some of central London’s conservation
studios, at both not-for-profit cultural institutions and
conservation businesses.

The presentations will be held in the form of collaborative Live Web
Broadcasts, in IIC’s familiar Round Table format, which will allow
an international community of speakers and participants to join the
conference, either in person or on-line. Participants, including
those attending via the web, will be able to ask questions and join
in the debate.

IIC will be launching a new page with booking details very
shortly–keep an eye on


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