Writing for Conservation

With the relaunch of the Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies  in November there is now another entry on the list of conservation e-journals that should be on a conservator’s  radar.  You can stay abreast of new issues via RSS feed or updates on your favorite social networking platform.  I was particularly happy to see JCMS revitalized as it was the brainchild of Alan J. Hogg,  a conservation classmate of mine at University College London.  Alan eventually shifted from conservation, obtaining a PhD in Atmospheric Space Science and now works at the Sweetland Center for Writing at the University of Michigan where he teaches writing with a focus on presenting scientific research.  Alan joins the new JCMS editorial board and is well positioned to assist our profession bridge sciences and humanities.  Alan wrote a short editorial for the latest issue of JCMS entitled Writing About Conservation that I think may be useful to emerging conservators as well as experienced professionals.  If you aren’t familiar with IMRaD: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Take a look at his post and see how it might help you with your next conference presentation or JAIC submission.