January AIC Wiki Edit-a-thon

This month there is an AIC-wide wiki “edit-a-thon” event, to raise awareness of the platform, encourage participation and to add to the content already on the AIC wiki. Volunteers are needed to help with creating new content, adding content that has already been written and summarizing specialty group listserv threads, for both the individual specialty group catalogs and also for additional topics, such as the History of Conservation, Preventive Care, and Exhibition Standards. Take a look at some of the valuable content already on the wiki by clicking here.

For all of us in the field, but especially for us emerging conservators, this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a dynamic, new resource that is already providing a great benefit for our profession. Volunteering for this project is also a way to acquire new skills and knowledge, and to connect with your colleagues and peers!

If you are interested in working on the wiki, please contact AIC e-Editor Rachael Perkins Arenstein with your contact info and area of interest: rachael AT AMArtConservation dot com.  Interested in helping but uncertain how you’d like to contribute or what you might be able to offer?  We can help direct you to the appropriate specialty group or connect you with another conservator to work on content. For emerging conservators, this could be an opportunity for a mini mentoring exercise with an experienced conservator, who would offer knowledge and advice to help pull together content for an article. Again, please contact Rachael if you’d be interested in such an opportunity.

We hope to hear from you! And at the very least, if you aren’t familiar with the AIC wiki, or if you haven’t checked it out in awhile, take a look at the main page, and remember to check back often, as new content will be continually added.


3 thoughts on “January AIC Wiki Edit-a-thon”

  1. rachel AT artconservation, rachel AT AMARTconservation…?

    come on, put the real address, am tired of trying differents combinations…

  2. Overall, this is a great idea and it would be even greater if someone answered the emails I sent to the address you provided (rachael AT AMArtConservation dot com).

    Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a reply from Mrs Perkins despite the two attempts I made to contact her.

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