Pressure-Sensitive Tape and Stain Removal from Photographs Workshop

I was fortunate to attend this workshop in Shepherdstown, WV in late November. The five-day course included classroom lecture, hands-on practicum in a well equipped laboratory, and participant presentations on the subject. Before arrival attendees received assigned reading pertaining to the history and formulae of pressure sensitive tape manufacturing. The reading was informative, and set the stage for the class. Day one an extensive handout packet was distributed, including a subject specific bibliography that is particularly useful to keep around for reference purposes. The instructors are nothing short of experts of tape and tape removal methods, and the lectures were practical and highly informative. Students were able to practice various methods of tape removal including mechanical / heat and with the use of solvents. Part of the lesson included a review of using the “Teas Chart”. Every attendee gave a short ten minute presentation on the subject at the end of the course, which usually included a slide show and case-study of their “icky tape encounters” on the job. Overall, the workshop left me with a feeling of empowerment and confidence to approach previously intimidating tape removal scenarios. In addition, I met many wonderful people while there!