Take a Look at ECPN at AIC’s 40th Annual Meeting in 2012

When was the last time you looked at ECPN?  The Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) committee has continued its growth and has exciting initiatives underway. The group is looking forward to a productive and enjoyable week at the  AIC’s 40th Annual Meeting in Albuquerque (May 8-13, 2012), with a slate of social and professional networking events.

Come to the ECPN Informational Meeting (Tuesday, May 8, 5 pm) to hear more about ongoing and proposed initiatives:

–       Enhancements to the Mentoring Program

–       Creation of a new Regional Liaison Program

–       Proposal for a Student Research Repository

–       Proposal for ECPN-wide “Forum Calls” on timely topics

The Informational Meeting will be immediately followed by a Happy Hour (6 pm – 10 pm).  Both events are free and open to anyone.

Last year’s Portfolio Review Session was a hit with attendees and presenters alike.  At this session, which will take place during the breaks at 10 am and 4 pm on Thursday, May 10, students and alumni from the various conservation training programs will show their pre-program, graduate-level, and recent graduate portfolios, and discuss their portfolios with attendees. A variety of specializations will be represented. All are encouraged to attend to see examples of emerging conservator work first-hand.

Be sure to stop by the ECPN poster, or visit with someone from ECPN at the Poster Session on Thursday at 4 pm.  ECPN is developing a poster on this year’s outreach and advocacy theme.  It’s called Creative Endeavors and Expressive Ideas: Emerging Conservators Engaging through Outreach and Public Scholarship. The poster will highlight several case studies of emerging conservators using outreach to connect with public audiences, allied professionals, and other conservators.

ECPN hopes to see you at some, or all, of this year’s events.

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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    Conservators In Private Practice (CIPP) has finalized the arrangements for our 2012annual meeting activities in Albuquerque. These events are open to all ALL registrants at the AIC conference and present opportunities for networking as well as chances to learn more about the advantages to belong to CIPP whether you operate your own studio presently or work for an institution.

    Conservators In Private Practice (CIPP) 2012 AIC Annual Meeting events
    Albuquerque, NM, May 8

    CIPP Seminar: The Art of Using Outreach to Grow Your Business
    Tuesday May 8 1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M
    CIPP Members $50 – Non-Members $75 (Includes 1 year membership in CIPP)

    We’re very excited about the CIPP program: a hands-on seminar on practical outreach methods that every conservator can use successfully. This seminar will have two presenters.

    1:00 P.M. to 2:15 P.M

    Ann Shaftel will present “Conservation Outreach on Television, Radio and Print”.

    Ann has extensive experience in Conservation Outreach: she has presented on live-to-air TV, for six years was radio expert on a live-to-air phone-in show, and also wrote a newspaper column for four years on conservation.

    Conservation Outreach in today’s media rich world requires specific technical skills. It is radically different working contentedly as a Bench Conservator, to communicating flawlessly under the pressure of “lights, camera and action” in a live-to-air appearance. And yet another skill set is required to be a successful newspaper columnist.

    Ann will offer advice on what to do in front of microphone and camera, illustrated with clips of her own successful and unsuccessful media appearances.

    2:15 to 5:00 P.M.
    The second part of the afternoon is an entry level, hands on workshop to help you get started creating an Internet presence in a simple, easy, fast and fun way. Scott M. Haskins, painting conservator, will help you customize your efforts, strategies and methods to meet your personality and type of business. This information is essential for business survival.

    In this workshop you will see, learn and create for yourself:

    – Simple video creation for free (even without a video camera)

    – Posting videos for free

    – Creating a blog for free

    – How to drive traffic to your blog for free

    – How to do the above with minimal time commitment – automation

    Workshop participants should bring their laptop and be ready to work online. Participants without a laptop can look over someone else’s shoulder… but you’ll be sorry you don’t have your own computer.

    Sign up early: Pre-CIPP meeting “homework” will be required and materials will be sent out. To receive the “homework” you must email Scott after you have signed-up to the Seminar. FACLARTDOC@GMAIL.COM

    Scott is adamant about you getting mega-value for your attendance! But if you sign up at the last minute and “just show up”, your learning will be severely compromised.

    NOTE: This is a super easy, entry level hands on instructional workshop. If you are looking for advanced Internet PR/Marketing techniques, this workshop IS NOT for you. Scott is not an Internet guru, marketing professional, super knowledgeable uber-geek. He will NOT BE ABLE to answer all of your questions!

    If you want to know more about Scott’s Internet capabilities, Google “Scott M. Haskins” and “Fine Art Conservation Laboratories” (use the quotes) and go to YouTube channel “bestartdoc”. Pack a lunch… you’ll be there awhile.

    CIPP Business Meeting “Levity and Brevity”
    8:00 P.M to 10.00 P..M.
    CIPP Members Free

    Come and renew old friendships and forge new ones. Brief business session, will leave plenty of time to socialize.

    George Schwartz, Chair CIPP

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