ECPN seeks regional liaisons

Looking for a chance to get more involved with ECPN? Consider becoming a regional liaison!

ECPN is appointing individuals who are interested in organizing and promoting events to encourage and involve emerging conservators in their regions. These regional liaisons will keep ECPN up-to-date on events through email, our Facebook page and on the AIC blog. In return, they will benefit from access to the dedicated network of emerging and established conservation professionals that ECPN has developed. Some activities the regional liaison may consider hosting or reporting on are:

  • Regional conservation events/meetings
  • Local conservation lab tours
  • Lectures delivered by local conservators
  • Visiting a private conservator’s studio
  • Meet and Mingles (Happy Hour, dinner, etc)
  • Portfolio workshops
  • Local conservation projects

We expect this to be a flexible position that is not a major time commitment. While hosting events is most welcome, we are also interested in liaisons announcing and reporting on regional events, and updating ECPN regularly.

We have already identified several liaisons, but we are looking for more, particularly in these areas:

  • Gulf Coast (Texas area)
  • Midwest
  • South

If you’re interested in being a regional liaison, please send Anisha Gupta ( or Megan Salazar-Walsh ( an email!  Also, expect to start seeing updates and announcements from our new liaisons on the ECPN Facebook page.