AIC’s 40th Annual Meeting – CIPP Business Meeting – “Levity and Brevity”

The following was written by George Schwartz, Chair, CIPP

To call what we had on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 a CIPP Business Meeting would be a misnomer. We conducted no official business, because we got carried away, absorbed in a deep and animated conversation with AIC Board President Meg Craft and AIC Executive Director Eryl Wentworth who generously accepted our invitation and spent a great deal of their precious time explaining the structural differences between Specialty Groups, Networks and Task Forces, which are forms of organizational groups within the umbrella of the AIC. We were attempting to determine if it might be advantageous for CIPP to change to one of these other formats and the ramifications of such a change.

Meg and Eryl commanded the attention of all attendees who asked many clarifying questions and the time just flew by in a productive conversation. While there were no conclusions reached, after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to remain with the present structure while keeping our options open as we go forward. I want to thank Meg and Eryl for their insight, patience and for the time they so graciously granted us.

Our Business meeting adjourned with many small groups engaged in conversation long into the night, with some adjourning to the bar. In a different post, I will welcome our new directors to their positions and conclude Board business in accordance with customary practice.