JSTOR Launches “Register & Read”

AIC is participating, along with about 70 other publishers, in a  new program that JSTOR is testing, called Register & Read.   It’s not the kind of access for our members that we’re really after, but it’s a good start.  Register & Read allows individuals to register for free with JSTOR and find content that can be read online or purchased.  Users can add content to  a “reading shelf” to read online for a minimum of 14 days during the BETA (meaning that this may change over time as JSTOR assesses use and user needs).  Users have the ability to view articles within the context of the entire issue and can remove content from the shelf after 14 days or choose to leave it there indefinitely.  Users may also choose to purchase and download articles if the publisher participates in the Publisher Sales Services, as AIC does.   Purchased articles will be stored on a new “Purchases” tab in the user’s account and users will then have unlimited access to the article PDF file.  Unregistered users who purchase articles will receive a traditional access token that limits access to 5 PDF downloads and expires in 14 days.  Our goals in participating in this program include making JAIC more accessible to researchers beyond the field, researchers with institutional access to only a limited number of JSTOR collections, and researchers who currently have no access to JSTOR, in addition to helping to provide increased research opportunities to our members.