ECPN April Meeting Minutes

The April minutes were just approved today; this was our first meeting since the AIC annual meeting.  An overview of the ECPN Informational Meeting held in Albuquerque is also on the AIC blog here.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Conference Call Attendees:

Molly Gleeson (Chair)

Eliza Spaulding (Vice Chair)

Amy Brost (Communications Coordinator)

Anisha Gupta (co-Outreach Coordinator)

Carrie Roberts (co-Professional Education and Training)

Gwen Manthey (co-Professional Education and Training)

Megan Salazar-Walsh (co-Outreach Coordinator)

Rebecca Rushfield (ETC)

Stephanie Lussier (Board Liaison)

Amber Harwood (CAC-ECC Liaison)

Genevieve Bieniosek (Student Liaison, ETC)

Robin O’Hern (CSCP)

Ryan Winfield (AIC Staff Liaison)



  1. Roll call — Molly took roll.
  2. Officer update – (Molly) Abby Aldrich decided that she will have to step down from her position as co-Professional Education and Training. Gwen will take over her responsibilities, and the committee is happy to welcome Gwen in her new role as co-Professional Education and Training.
  3. Minutes Approval (Molly) – March meeting minutes were approved.
  4. ANAGPIC (Molly, Megan) – Presentation and fliers were a great success.  Megan felt her presentation went well, and she was approached by a few people (including Jennifer Morton, and others) who wanted to become involved.  Joyce Hill-Stoner was interested in coordinating with the interview series to bring those interviews into the oral history project.  Amber will follow up with her.  Megan felt the presentation at ANAGPIC was a great way to share news of our initiatives (ECPN and ECC), which were well received and raised awareness.  Columbia, Penn, and UT-Austin were having architecture student events this month, and the ECPN flier was distributed.  Will follow up with Avigail to see how it was received.
  5. Network Guidelines (Molly) – CCN and ECPN are now designated networks, as opposed to specialty groups or committees.  New guidelines are being drafted by the Board to describe how the networks function.  As Stephanie indicated, it will not change how ECPN has operated.  ECPN was the first network, so when the Collections Care Network (CCN) approached the Board about becoming a network, the Board began to consider what makes the networks unique.  This is a positive development based on the success of ECPN.  Networks are wide-reaching groups meant to reach out to conservators in all specialties, and have a broader scope, and fewer limitations versus specialty groups and committees.  AIC is working to put in writing how the networks function, to formalize the category, and this is why the current operations of ECPN will not be affected by the guidelines.
  6. AIC Annual Meeting Poster (Megan, Carrie, Amy) – Megan is producing the actual poster layout and the latest round is looking very strong.  Carrie polled the group about how to handle the companion blog post.  Feature each interview as a post?  Or condense into a question with multiple answers?  Amy suggested an “overview” blog post with links to the individual interview blog posts.  Carrie added that there could also be links there to getting started with social media and other tools.  Thanks to those who solicited content for the poster.  Molly and Amy volunteered to help with copy-editing the individual blog posts.  Amy’s flier will have two parts: highlights of the poster sections, and notes on how to get started with outreach initiatives.  Amy will have the poster produced at FedEx Office in Albuquerque and pick it up.  She will pay personally and submit a reimbursement form to AIC.  Ryan will send her the reimbursement form.  For the Poster Session (4-4:30 Thursday) Megan and Eliza are free to pitch in as needed, and Amy and Carrie are free to be at the poster, or tag-team.
  7. Portfolio Session (Carrie) – Have the location, a list of presenters, and several established conservators participating also.  Took names last year as people arrived in the room, so they could be polled later.  That was very valuable.  There was a mix of conservators at all levels last year, so it was an educational and networking opportunity for all levels.  Carrie felt that there should be a notebook and someone standing with it, to encourage people to ‘sign-in.’  Gwen volunteered to do ‘check-in’ as well as sit with her portfolio.   Molly offered to support Gwen at check-in, or Gwen could be a back-up to Molly.  Ryan suggested checking off names on the printed Attendee List, which requires less information to be collected.  Email addresses can be married to the checked-off names later on. All agreed this was the best check-in approach.  Anisha will post the location to the Facebook event and send a reminder a week in advance.
  8. Informational Meeting (Molly) – Have a chance to introduce people, to put faces with names.  Have a sign-in sheet to collect information.  Provide an overview of activities going on at the meeting, and ongoing projects, and opening the floor for discussion/feedback.  Last year was run much like a monthly call – each officer spoke about their initiatives.  The Chair, Rose Cull, did an introduction.  Very popular session last year – ran out of chairs.  Provide copies of the ECPN flier as a handout?  Print an agenda?  Ryan remembered that there was no printed agenda last year.  It was thought it would be a committee business meeting, but the officers kept it more general when the large turnout was observed.  Eliza felt that feedback was critical and asked about last year’s session.  Amy recalled the post-meeting survey generated the most feedback, rather than the Q&A at the informational session.  Perhaps a written survey to have in the room?  Or break out into smaller groups?  It will help that the Happy Hour is right afterward.  Molly asked Anisha to update the Facebook event with room location and post a reminder a week in advance.  Ryan will email the room name to Anisha.
  9. Happy Hour (Megan, Anisha) – Will be held at Marble Brewery, a short distance from the Hyatt, from 6-10 pm, immediately following the informational meeting.  Have a reservation and the group is expected to be 20+ people.  Molly suggested a confirmation a week in advance.  Anisha will follow up with the restaurant. Molly asked Anisha to update the Facebook event with room location and post a reminder a week in advance.
  10. Angels Project (Molly) – Sandoval County Historical Society Angels Project is also on Tuesday (8:30 – 2 pm or 4 pm) with provided transportation.  There are still openings – contact Molly or visit the website to sign up.  Will not conflict with the informational meeting for ECPN, if anyone is interested in attending both.
  11. Liaison Updates
    1. There will be an upcoming article in AIC News on Sustainable Practices.
    2. Emergency Committee is sponsoring a workshop on Tuesday, 9 am to noon, and it will be a Disaster Response Workshop (CERT member – free; otherwise $79).  Experts from FEMA on hand, and others.  Posted on the website and circulated on the ECPN website.
    3. Objects Group will not be having a meeting with archaeological materials this year.
    4. CCN is still looking for volunteers for notetakers on May 9 ‘Outreach to Allies’ session.  Molly will pass along any volunteer names to Joelle Wickens, CCN Chair.
    5. WAG is adding a new advisory committee (if approved) and will include an emerging conservator, to broaden officer structure and provide a mentoring opportunity.  Focus on wooden artifacts preferred (panel paintings, furniture, etc. – as long as primary membership is in WAG).  To suggest someone, contact Molly.
  12. Forum Calls (Molly) – Updates to come.  Check Writeboards on Basecamp for more information on how topic selection and technology selection are developing.
  13. Mentoring Program (Eliza) – Finished reviewing applicants and matched 13 of 20 applicants.  Ryan will reach out to them this week.  Reached out to all specialty groups to ask for assistance to promote a call for mentors for the remaining 7 applicants.  The goal is to match all 20 applicants by the annual meeting, so they can connect with their new mentors at the meeting.  Mentoring program Toolkit is nearly complete, and a protocol based on the recent process will make the next cycle run smoothly.
  14. Student Research Platform (Carrie) – New term “platform” instead of “database.”  Will work with Eliza to look at the range of platforms that have been considered (AATA, AIC website, CoOL), and keep working on new, revised proposal.  Sections in development include description, target audiences, features (searchability, etc), maintenance needs, cost estimate, etc.  Carrie will work with all in the working group, and with Gwen, to develop the proposal.  No deadline for the proposal yet, from Eryl, but Molly suggested we set a date for sometime after the AIC annual meeting, perhaps the end of May.  Need to check in with Eryl to see if that is a good timeframe.  Want to keep the momentum going.
  15. PR Toolkit (Molly) – Working on the Wiki to develop content for the toolkit.  Some of the discussion section has working sections, which will be migrated to the main page before the annual meeting.  There will be a flier to announce the project in the conference bag (Ryan is working on this), and the project will be discussed with the membership at the annual meeting on Friday, from 4-5 pm, at the “Next steps” session, to describe the project and also to solicit content.
  16. ECC (Amber) – Thanks to everyone for collaborating on the flier and session at ANAGPIC.  ECC looks forward to future collaborations.  ECPN (Molly) extended our thanks to ECC for all their efforts as well.  CAC has a monthly conference call, but ECC does not.  Molly indicated that someone from ECPN could participate in ECC calls, when they begin.  More collaboration and cross-linking could be done via Facebook and the blogs.
  17. Next Call (Molly) – Molly suggested skipping the May call since the officers will meet at the Annual Meeting.  The next call would be June 18.


Next call: June 18, 2012 at 1pm ET


Respectfully submitted,


Amy Brost