“Designing Presentations” Online Meeting Series

Sarah Lowengard is pleased to announce the next offering of the “Designing Presentations” online meeting series, scheduled in time to assist conservators meet the deadline for AIC2013 abstract and proposal submission. Participation is not limited to those who plan to do so, however.

The meetings are:

A. Writing an Abstract or Other Short Proposal

  • Thursday 30 August 2012
  • 12:00-1:30pm US Eastern Time
  • This 90-minute session will show you how to describe your workshop, presentation or talk clearly and succinctly. Use what you learn to improve your conference proposals or your presentations to current and
  • prospective clients. Will talk about what you do and don’t need to include, how to format your proposal to improve reader comprehension, and more.
  • Download a 1-page information sheet at http://bit.ly/DP-A-2

B. Designing a Hands-On Workshop

  • Thursday 6 September 2012
  •  12:00-2:00pm US Eastern Time
  •  A 2-hour session that leads you through planning, design and organization of a presentation that includes audience participation. If you’ve been thinking about teaching your clients, your boss, your board of directors, or others just what it is you //really// do, Designing a Hands-on Workshop will give you the start you need.
  •  Download a 1-page information sheet at http://bit.ly/DP-B-2

The fee for the 2-meeting series is $70, $40 to attend a single meeting. (I offer discounts to affiliates and groups of five or more.)

As with all Research and Writing workshops and meetings, there will be time (and special after-meeting opportunities) for continued interaction and personalized assistance.

For more information, and to register please go to http://bit.ly/DP-2-2012

Or contact me:

Sarah Lowengard
Research and Writing