New Issue of e-conservation Magazine Released for Download

We are pleased to announce that issue is now online and available to read and download from

This is one of the most exhaustive issues we have published so far ncluding a large range of articles on conservation science, 3D documentation, preventive conservation and practical interventions, among others. We hope you will enjoy reading it. Follow them on facebook, twitter, and their blog.

Issue 24,Autumn 2012
ISSN: 1646-9283


Viral Conservation
By Rui Bordalo

News and Views

Profound Sounds: an Accidental Pilgrimage with John Cage
By Daniel Cull


The Renaissance Workshop: The Materials and Techniques of Renaissance Art
Reviewed by Helen Glanville

Polychrome Sculpture: Artistic Tradition and Construction Techniques
Reviewed by Ana Bidarra

Connecting to Conservation: Outreach and Advocacy
Reviewed by Rose Cull

Copying, Replicating and Emulating Paintings in the 15th-18th Century
Reviewed by Sue Ann Chui

French Bronzes: History, Material and Techniques of Bronze    Sculpture in France (16th-18th centuries)
Reviewed by Carol Grissom

Conservation Matters in Wales
Reviewed by Rachel Robbins

CMA4CH 2012: Use of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics in     Cultural Heritage and Environment
Reviewed by Luciano D’Alessio and Pierina Ielpo


International Conservation Workshop Lopud: Student Perspectives
By Sagita Mirjam Sunara


British Carlo Maratta Picture Frame: Technical Examination and Restoration Process
By Damian Lizun

Study and Conservation of the Painting “Paul III and Ranzio Farnese” by Parmigianino
By Fatma Helmi, Osama El-Feky and Yasmeen Alam Eldin

A Comparative Study of the Use of Aquazol in Paintings Conservation
By Elisabetta Bosetti

A Flexible Crossbar System for a 19th Century Panel Painting
By Angeliki Bakalarou, Charis Theodorakopoulos

Study and Conservation of the City Center of Shahr-e Ray, Iran
By Vahid Heidary

3D Documentation Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Remains  of the Jesuit Mission in the Region of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
By Christian Dietz, Gianluca Catanzariti, Pablo de la Presa,  Victor M. Fernandez and Alfredo Jimeno Martinez

Between Tradition and Innovation: 3D Documentation of Enna’s monuments
By Antonella Versaci and Alessio Cardaci

Brushes for Retouching: How to Choose Them
By Ana Bailao and Sandra Sustic

The Use and Influence of Varnish on Paintings
By Marc Maire

Preventive Conservation of the Bark Cloth Collection of The University of Queensland Anthropology Museum
By Kate Stanway

Preventive Conservation: a Key Method to Ensure Cultural Heritage’s Authenticity and Integrity in Preservation Process
By Heidi Wirilander

The Concept of Cultural Heritage Preservation
By Ali Miri

Book Reviews

The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation, 2nd Edition
By Rose Cull

Materials, Technologies, Practice in Historic Heritage Structures
By Mirela Anghelache

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