Why We Assist in Disasters

In a series of posts on the University of Iowa Libraries Preservation Beat blog, Nancy Kraft, AIC-CERT team member and Preservation Librarian, reflects on her work at the Cultural Recovery Center in Brooklyn.
Friday, February 15, 2013
Those of us who volunteer to assist in disaster response are, obviously, not in it for the money. Private conservators are not getting paid while volunteering. Many of us are away from family and friends, work hard and go to bed exhausted during recovery efforts. So what is in it for us?
For me, as for many of us, it is the giving back to our community, assisting in saving our culture, and the joy of helping someone preserve a little bit of his/her history. The piece below is a perfect example. I captured the title “For Matthew, May 14-May 15, 1976″ commemorating the birth of the artist’s son.
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With thanks to Nancy Kraft and the University of Iowa Libraries for permission to re-post this information on our blog.