Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation (BROMEC 34) is now available

BROMEC34The trilingual site BROMEC is the online resource for research dissemination by conservators and scientists of metallic cultural heritage artifacts.
BROMEC 34, the Bulletin of Research on Metal Conservation’s April 2013 issue, is now available online at the following websites:

Eight research abstracts and 8 announcements are presented, together with the usual lists of contacts and informative metal research/conservation websites and discussion groups. The issue includes articles on:
Calls for collaboration:

  • Survey on the stabilization of marine iron-organic composite artefacts

New research projects:

  • New approaches and applications of electrochemical techniques and corrosion inhibitors for in situ monitoring of shipwrecks and treatment of recovered marine metal-organic composite artefacts
  • MAIA: Microbes for Archaeological Iron Artefacts
  • Fabrication, corrosion and conservation of the silver jewellery from Lumbe’s Garden, Prague Castle

Ongoing research projects:

  • The MIFAC-Metal project: a methodology for studying and analyzing microstructures and corrosion profiles of heritage metals; application to metallographic samples from Swiss collections
  • The St Maurice project: development of an electrolytic pen for cleaning tarnished gilt silverware with wooden cores

Finalized research projects

  • Conservation of a fluvial deposit of bronzes from Agde-La-Motte

English, French and Spanish language versions are available for downloading as PDF documents.
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BROMEC Editorial Team
Anglophone Editor & Translator:
·      James Crawford
Francophone Coeditor:
·      Michel Bouchard
Hispanophone Coeditor:
·      Emilio Cano
Francophone Translators:
·      Nathalie Richard
·      Elodie Guilminot
·      Marc Voisot
Hispanophone Translators:
·      Diana Lafuente
·      Inmaculada Traver