Course on Chemometrics for Cultural Heritage – Level 1

Location: Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Dates: October 31rst / November 1rst, 2013, 9am – 5pm
Target Audience:  This workshop is aimed at researchers and conservators who want to be able to analyze their own laboratory data, and with a need for exploratory data analysis, development of predictive models and sample classification. No prior knowledge is required for this course.

Partial Least Square Model (PLS) to date gelatin silver prints based on their Near Infrared (NIR) spectrum.
Partial Least Square Model (PLS) to date gelatin silver prints based on their Near Infrared (NIR) spectrum.

Course Description:  The course will cover the fundamentals of many commonly used Chemometric methods including Exploratory Data Analysis and pattern Recognition, Regression and Classification Methods (PCA, PLS, SIMCA,PLS-DA)and Data Pretreatment. Emphasis will be on applying these techniques in the contex
t of cultural heritage research.
The course will comprise lectures and hands-on activities. Computers will not be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops with demo versions of Solo installed. A 60 days demo license will be provided by Eigenvector to each participant.
About the Instructor:  Dr. Donald Dahlberg is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Lebanon Valley College.  Dahlberg earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University.  After decades of doing research in the area of Physical Organic Chemistry, he got involved in Chemometrics while on sabbatical in 1988 at the Center for Process Analytical Chemistry at the University of Washington.  There he learned chemometrics in the Bruce
Kowalski group (co-founder of chemometrics).  Upon returning to LVC, he taught chemometrics to undergraduate students for over a decade.  Although retired from the classroom, he continues do consulting and supervises undergraduate research in industrial chemometrics. He wrote and teaches this workshop so that those not fluent in matrix algebra can take advantage of the powerful tool of chemometrics..
How to Register:  A registration form can be requested by email to The deadline for registration is October 7th, 2013. Cost: $400 (includes course materials and refreshments). Participants’ number is limited to 10.  For registration and inquiries please contact: