JAIC is Journal of the Month, visit now!

The Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, or JAIC, has been selected by Maney Publication as its “Journal of the Month” for January 2014. This showcase position is used to give all Maney’s readers an in-depth preview of the organization and its journal, and also offers 3 years’ worth of content available free to all for the duration of the month. The page is now available at www.maneyonline.com/page/jotm/jac.
The featured link on Maney’s new publishing platform clicks through to the JotM page containing information about AIC and JAIC, including:

  • Commentaries on the conservation of textilesarchaeological artifacts, electronic media as well as sustainability and a review of the archive
  • Video interviews with Michele Derrick (Editor-in-Chief) and Pamela Hatchfield (President of the Board of Directors, AIC)
  • ‘Best of the archive’: 10 articles hand-picked by the Editor are free to download
  • 20% discount on institutional subscriptions

This is a great opportunity to share the Journal with your colleagues, show your friends and family a little more about what you do, promote the benefits of AIC membership to nonmembers, and encourage your library or institution to subscribe. Remember, all of this content is only available until February 15th, so make the most of it while you can! And please spread the word to friends and colleagues who may be interested.