ECPN Officer Vacancies

Are you an emerging conservator who wants to advocate for the interests of other emerging conservators? If so, then please consider one of the open officer positions on AIC’s Emerging Conservation Professionals Network: Vice Chair, Professional Education and Training Officer, Communications Officer, and Outreach Officer. All positions will serve for a one year term, beginning just after AIC’s 41st Annual Meeting in June 2014. All new officers will have the option of renewal for a second year, except for the Vice Chair, who will be expected to move into the Chair position after the first year, for a one year term.
To learn more about ECPN, please visit:
Position descriptions can be requested and questions about committee activities can be directed to ECPN Chair, Eliza Spaulding at To apply, please submit a brief statement of interest and your resume to Eliza Spaulding. Deadline: Friday, April 4.