Japanese television documentary features Nishio Conservation Studio

Nishio Conservation Studio staff
Nishio Conservation Studio staff, from their website

Yoshi Nishio, Kyoichi Itoh and their conservation work at The Nishio Conservation Studio were featured in a one-hour TV documentary series, broadcast on the WOWOW Cable Channel (a channel similar to PBS in the US) in Japan on March 28th and 30th, and April 7. The documentary highlights technical aspects of Asian Painting Conservation, including the type of materials used, and how Asian Paintings are conserved using traditional techniques with a modern scientific approach at NCS. The program also showed how those Japanese paintings came to the US, as well as a feature on Yoshi Nishio as an artist, educator, musician and film maker. The documentary includes location footage of the Decatur House/White House Collection, Johns Hopkins Library, North East Document Conservation Center, and interviews with their conservators. This is the second time the Nishio Conservation Studio was featured on television in Japan. These broadcast programs increase public awareness of the importance of conservation. Numerous Japanese corporations support conservation outside of Japan. The video will be available on Youtube with English subtitles later this year.
–Submitted by Yoshi Nishio