Project Conservator (Bowling Green, KY)

The purpose of this position is to form a team with a Project Collection Manager in a specialized, two year project cleaning a collection of artwork that has been smoke damaged, documenting the treatments used, and storing the art in new, clean locations.  Job duties and responsibilities require core knowledge of conservation techniques as well as discretion and judgment.  This position works with a Project Collection Manager as a team, learning from each other and working together to accomplish the completion of this project within the time frame. Position reports to the president of the Baker Foundation, Bob Hilliard, for regular progress reports, with daily supervision by the curator and/or director of the Kentucky Museum where the art work is stored.
Start Date: June 2014.  At the completion of a six month trial period, team progress will be evaluated and changes to the team made if indicated.
Compensation: Salary commensurate with education and experience.   Compensation includes standard health benefits, vacation (following the Museum’s schedule), and all federal, state, and city requirements.
Primary Duties
The following duties are customary for this position, but are not to be construed as all-inclusive.  Duties may be added, deleted and assigned at any time based on management discretion and institutional needs.

  • Takes the team lead for determining the correct treatment for each piece of art work.  The bulk of the collection is oil on canvas from the last half of the 20th century.  The collection also includes oil on leather.
  • Must be able to work with the team to establish a schedule that will accomplish the cleaning and relocation of the collection within the two year term of this position.
  • Conducts professional cleaning of the Baker Foundation collection.
  • Shares knowledge and skills with the team, instructing others in professional cleaning methods.
  • Works with the team to learn basic digital record keeping and collection methods as defined by Past Perfect collections system.
  • May from time to time be asked to give basic information about conservation work to university classes.
  • Assures that information about the Baker Collection remains confidential, unless otherwise instructed by Mr. Hilliard.
  • Team prepares a written quarterly report to update the progress for the Baker Foundation Board.

Secondary Duties

  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by either Mr. Hilliard or the Kentucky Museum Director.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Must be knowledgeable about professional conservation methods.
  • Must be self-motivated and resourceful.
  • Ability to investigate and analyze treatments for various media.
  • Able to teach basic conservation skills.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work well on a small team.

Minimum Qualifications

  • MA degree from a recognized conservation program.
  • Or BA degree from recognized conservation program with two years’ experience.

The Baker Foundation requires a clean background check and drug testing as part of the hiring process.
Mail Cover Letter and resume to:  Position open until filled…..
                Baker Foundation
C/O Kentucky Museum, Director
1400 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green, KY  42101
Or…Email cover letter and resume  to:
Date: April 14, 2014