LCCDG 2014: Options for Sustainable Practice in Conservation

**Updated Time & Location: Saturday, May 31st @ 2:30-4:00 in Pacific H-O**
This year LCCDG will put a practical spin on the conference’s theme of sustainability. Join us to hear real-life stories of the benefits and frustrations of making a greener conservation lab.
Brian Baird of Bridgeport National Bindery will discuss the brass tacks of recycling truths and myths.
Danielle Creech of ECS Conservation – Midwest will share her facility’s experience with establishing a comprehensive recycling program.
Marieka Kay of the University of Michigan Libraries will share the impact her university’s sustainability initiatives had on their conservation lab.
Julie Newton of Emory University will talk about the creative efforts they employed in her lab to reduce paper waste.
A detailed list of the talks you’ll enjoy follows. We look forward to seeing you there, and hope you’ll share your questions and experiences as well!
“Recycling Might be Good, but Conservation is Always Great!”
Brian Baird
Vice President of Library Services
Bridgeport National Bindery
“Everything but the Kitchen Sink: A Case Study in Bindery Recycling”
Danielle Creech
Associate Conservator and Operations Manager
ECS Conservation – Midwest
“Sustainability Initiatives of the University of Michigan Library Green Team”
Marieka Kaye
Conservation Librarian and Book Conservator
University of Michigan Libraries
“The Mixed Paper Project: Recycling, Waste Reduction, and Creative Scrap Reuse at Emory University’s Preservation Office”
Julie Newton
Collections Conservation
Emory University