3 thoughts on “42nd Annual Meeting – Digital Resources & Conservation Interest Session, May 31, "Charting the Digital Landscape of the Conservation Profession" by FAIC”

  1. This is an excellent distillation of a complex and important session. I hope that we can get other colleagues to read this post, answer the survey and become invested in contributing to the conversation so that together we can all guide FAIC and other stakeholders into providing tools that allow us to do and share our work more easily. Thank you Kate!

  2. Kate,
    Thank you for this post, which does a wonderful job of capturing the content and spirit of the presentations and the discussion. I echo Rachel’s comments (above) about others contributing to the conversation. AIC/FAIC will be setting up discussion forums around this topic, but until then, feel free to contact Eric Pourchot at FAIC with your thoughts. And, as an FYI – the presentations from this session will be posted on an AIC project web page (we’ll announce its availability shortly), so stay tuned.
    (Project Manager for “Charting the Digital Landscape of the Conservation Profession”)

  3. Kate,
    I’d like to extend my thanks to you, too, for doing such a great job of summarizing that information-rich session and adding your perspective. I’m looking forward to the discussions to come!

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