ECPN Webinar Archive

Miss a webinar hosted by the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN)?  Search the AIC YouTube channel, or check out the topics and links below (as of September 2015):
“Presenting Talks and Posters” with Katie Sanderson and Ariel O’Connor; March 11th, 2015; Blog post follow-up.
“Beyond the Portfolio: Your Conservation Career” with Suzanne Davis; October 16, 2014
“Beyond the Prerequisites: Preparing for Graduate Education in Art Conservation” with Margaret Holben Ellis, James Hamm, Rosaleen Hill, Debra Hess Norris, and Ellen Pearlstein; July 16, 2014
“Get Involved! Conservation Education, Outreach, and Advocacy” with Teresa Myers, Richard McCoy, and Sarah Barack; April 23, 2014
“How to Make the Most of Your Pre-Program Internship” with Emily Williams, Thomas Edmondson, Ayesha Fuentes, Lianne Gordon; September 24, 2013
“Considering Your Future Career Path: Working in Private Practice” with Paul Messier, Rosa Lowinger, and Julia Brennan; November 30, 2012; Blog post synopsis.
“Self-Advocacy and Fundraising for Independent Research” with Debra Hess Norris; July 26, 2012
The ECPN webinar program seeks to address issues faced by emerging conservators.  “Emerging conservators” are defined as those with 7 or fewer years of experience (which includes schooling and pre-program).  ECPN strives to rotate webinar topics between those that are specifically pertinent to pre-program, graduate, and post-graduate emerging professionals.  

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