Calling all creative cooks

The Art Fund of Great Britain organized an “Edible Masterpieces” project ( as a fundraiser (and fun-raiser). Inspired by this, and knowing how many conservation professionals, curators and artists enjoy being creative in the cuisine, Francesca Bewer (Harvard Art Museums) and I thought it would be great fun to attempt something similar to raise funds for the FAIC in conjunction with the annual AIC meeting in Miami in 2015.
The complex logistics of scheduling, combined with restrictions imposed by hotel food service regulations at the Miami conference venue have led us to reframe this idea. Instead we would like to propose a well-illustrated cookbook that compiles recipes and DIY instructions for inventive, witty, delicious, delightful, healthy, etc… dishes inspired by works of art. These could be a salad inspired by the colors of a Van Gogh painting, a stew composed from the foods in a Dutch still life, or a cake constructed like a cubist sculpture. Submissions would consist of a recipe and/or directions, accompanied by a photo of the finished product and/or visual documentation of the various steps involved, and a short blurb identifying the work of art that inspired the dish.
We are currently looking for feedback on this idea. Should we receive enough positive responses by October 1st (so that we can announce it in the November AIC News) we are sure we can bring this project to fruition. Submissions would be due by February 1, 2015 to allow for the production of some sample pages to show at the meeting — if not produce the entire cookbook!
Please let us know if you would be interested in participating.
Rebecca Rushfield
Francesca Bewer