New online forum! Join the discussion and help us chart our digital landscape

Throughout 2014, FAIC has been investigating the digital landscape of our profession to chart and better define its features and complexity at present, and to develop a forecast of its future development. With this research, FAIC is evaluating digital resources as they are currently used in our field, as well as what we as conservators need from future digital tools, software, or networks. To date, this research has taken the form of a survey of online resources and series of live meetings.
FAIC wants to hear from you via our online forum to discuss the current and potential uses, strengths, and challenges of digital tools. This loosely moderated discussion is open to both AIC members and non-members.
Our initial set of discussion topics include:
– Do you use any collaboration software (e.g. Basecamp, GoToMeeting, etc.) within your institution or for joint projects with other institutions/professionals? Which do you prefer? What are the short-comings?
– What is your greatest concern in using digital or online resources?
– What forms of digital documentation and/or data instrumentation do you use in your practice? Which are must useful/problematic?
– What are your favorite programs/apps for conservation documentation and why?
Please join our discussion of invited peers and conservation professionals and help FAIC to evaluate and understand our digital environment.  For questions or to suggest a topic, email the FAIC Digital Landscape Project Assistant, Ayesha Fuentes, ayesha.fuentes[at]gmail[dot]com