Health & Safety and CIPP Call for Studio Design Submissions


Have a question about selecting a fume extractor for your studio? Or how you can safely solder or spray paint indoors? Or what studio work is never smart to do inside an apartment or condo? Have a basement or garage home studio renovation or DIY example you’d like to share?
This year in Miami, CIPP and the Health & Safety Committee will be hosting the Lunchtime Lecture, Studio Design Challenges–Creating a Safe and Practical Space (Wednesday, 12-2pm), which will be led by architects and engineers from EwingCole.  Organizers are requesting questions and real-world examples from individuals operating private studios to be included in an extensive Q&A period following the formal presentation.
AIC members are invited to submit your studio design questions as well as examples of creative ways for overcoming challenges that you may have already implemented in your own space; examples from both home and commercial spaces are welcome.  Submissions should be related to health and safety issues and can include, but are not limited to: fume extraction, chemical storage, fire/electrical safety, and ergonomic workspaces. For example, you may have created or seen a DIY exhaust system and would like to know if it is actually effective or potentially hazardous!
Please indicate whether you would like your name included for credit, or whether you want to remain anonymous.  For photos, also include a brief description and applicable photo credits.    By providing your questions and/or examples, even if you request your name not be used, you are agreeing to include them in the lecture as well as any published materials.  Submissions are welcome from all AIC members, but priority during the presentation will be given to individuals registered for the lecture; those not included at the meeting may be addressed in post-conference materials.
Please send submissions as soon as possible, but no later than March 1, 2015, to Health & Safety Chair, Kathy Makos,
You don’t have to wait until May to get answers!  Members of the EwingCole design team will try respond to questions posted in the comments below or may contact you to discuss your submission if you provide your contact information.