Blog at AIC's 2015 Annual Meeting and win!

Each year we receive feedback from colleagues who couldn’t make it to the annual meeting that write-ups of the talks posted here on were interesting and informative.  For the past few years we had so many fabulous concurrent session that even those present at the meeting couldn’t attend all the talks they were interested in and found that they could get a taste of what they missed using the blog.  Our blog sees a huge increase in traffic due to annual meeting posts with almost 600 unique visits per day.  We know that many colleagues are looking forward to hearing more about the conference and hope that some of you will volunteer and share your thoughts from the

How To Sign-up:

Signing up is easy.  Just click on the link below to access the signup spreadsheet:
There is a separate tab down at the bottom for each SG or session.  Next, input your name and email next to the talk you are interested in covering.  Easy!  The limit for signup is two talks so that nobody feels overwhelmed.

What’s In It For Me?

Many people take notes at the talks and writing them up is a great way to organize your notes and thoughts while doing something great for your colleagues and the field.  Speakers are often grateful for the feedback.  And, yes there is something in it for you…all volunteers who complete two posts will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE 2016 ANNUAL MEETING REGISTRATION!

What do I need to know about Blogging?

Not much!  All volunteers will be sent AIC’s Guidelines and Blogging Tip Sheets.  Writing a good blog post can take some time but covering a just two talks is very manageable.  Here are a few things to know:

  • You do not blog in real time so you don’t need a laptop or internet access at the conference– the best way is to take notes and then write up your thoughts later (ideally by the end of the conference or shortly thereafter).
  • You need not be an experienced blogger nor particularly tech savvy.  The WordPress blog format is extremely easy to use and any necessary hand-holding will happily be provided to make you feel comfortable online.  If you can send an email – you can create a blog post.
  • There is no pressure to be particularly witty.  Active tense, first-person and personal style are all encouraged in blog posts – this is a chance to free yourself from the writing constraints of condition reports!  While all posts should be professional overall, the tone is somewhat between reporting and “what I did over my summer vacation”.  The best posts tell why you were interested in the topic and what you learned, you aren’t expected to be writing the speaker’s postprint so you don’t need to capture every detail.  The goal is for readers to learn more about the talk than they would gain from the abstract.  Tips and Guidelines will be provided for all volunteers.
  • In addition to the talks we also value reviews of the workshop, tours, receptions and other associated events and sessions.

I Have Some Questions Before Signing Up – Who Do I Talk To?

Contact Rachael Arenstein, AIC’s e-Editor either via email or using the Email AIC’s e-Editor box in the footer of this blog.