Collaborative project at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

Posted on behalf of Sanchita Balachandran
Please┬áparticipate in a collaborative project with students completing the “Honors in Curatorship” course at the University of Cape Town, South Africa!
This week, we are exploring various issues in the field of conservation, and are engaging with writings both from conservation journals and beyond. As a way to think through topics and questions that come up, we’ve been posting snippets, links, videos, images, etc. on a Tumblr site. The exciting thing about a Tumblr site in this case is that it can be brief and dynamic and hopefully more interactive with other people thinking about related issues. I’d be most grateful if you’d post some of your thoughts, comments, encouragements, etc.
The site is:
If you’re new to Tumblr or don’t want to post with your own account, I’d be more than happy to post things on your behalf if you simply email them to me.
Many thanks for your encouragement and support of these young South African professionals,
Sanchita Balachandran