Two good hobbies to share with friends

Each month, Hyperallergic, a daily newsletter on art and culture publishes horoscopes that “offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms”. They aim to be witty and clever and usually are. Occasionally, they miss the mark. September’s horoscope for Libras is one time. It reads: “ Your close friendships are in need of some maintenance work, Libra, and a shared hobby or workshop is just the sort of bonding experience you and your besties need. No, we’re not recommending a night of drunken landscape painting at Pinot’s Palette — which is to artistic development as karaoke is to voice training. We’re talking about picking up some serious skills with a good friend or two, whether it’s trying out glass blowing, learning how to restore historic oil paintings, or getting real good at crochet. Nothing rebuilds bonds better than mutual embarrassment — as karaoke teaches us time and time again.” Art restoration and crochet. Just two good hobbies to share with friends.