Holiday Gifts for Conservators

Need to subtly drop some hints for holiday gifts? ECPN has compiled a list of great gifts for conservators to make it easy for you. We posted our suggestions on our Facebook page last week and got some great additions from ECPN members, which we’ve added below.

image: calobeedoodles

1. Tiny brushes (Windsor-Newton series 7, which come in sizes 0 and 00)

2. Soft Japanese Dust brushes

3. Sharp scissors (Gingher Stork scissors)

4. Tweezers

5. Mini spatulas

6. Silicone tipped tools

7. Labelmaker!

Feeling a bit more generous?
8. Tool roll

9. Lab coat

10. Optivisor

From our Facebook friends:
— Books published by the Getty or National Gallery (tip: shop for them during the biannual sales)
Septifile Nail buffers: a pack of nail file sandpaper in multiple grits with sticky backs (easy to stick to spatulas)
Proscope microscope adapter for iPhone, magnifies up to 80X
Thanks for the contributions. Happy Holidays from ECPN!