Fellowship: 2017 – 2018 Kress Conservation Fellowship

  • Application due: January 22, 2017

The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) is currently accepting applications for the Kress Conservation Fellowship program. The program provides competitive grants to museums, libraries, and other conservation facilities to sponsor supervised fellowships to develop the skills of emerging conservators.

Fellowships of $32,000 will be award for one-year post-graduate internships in advanced conservation at a museum, library, or other conservation facility. At least $27,000 must be allocated as a fellowship stipend; up to $5,000 may be used toward host institution administrative costs, benefits for the Fellow, and other direct costs of hosting the Fellowship. Grant funds may not be used for indirect costs. Preference will be given to applications that propose a stipend greater than $27,000 for the Fellow.

Most Fellowships begin in the summer or fall, and run for a term of 9 to 12 months.  A report, whether interim or final, will be due from the host institution in September 2018.

Application must be completed by the museum, library, or conservation host facility at which the internship will be based (applications from individuals interested in becoming Conservation Fellows are not accepted).  The Fellowship candidate may be identified in advance of application by the host institution or recruited subsequently.  Fellows should have completed (or will complete prior to the Fellowship) a masters-level degree in conservation prior to beginning the Fellowship.  Fellows must either be graduates of a U.S. or Canadian conservation program, OR a U.S. or Canadian citizen who has graduated (or will be graduating) from a conservation program elsewhere. Foreign institutions may need to provide substantial help to U.S. candidates to obtain appropriate visas to fulfill fellowships abroad. Priority is given to first-year requests, but worthy projects that clearly outline benefits to the Fellow for a second year of Fellowship can be and have been funded.

Application Materials:
1. Completed application form provided at: www.conservation-us.org/scholarships-grants/professional-development/kress-conservation-fellowship
2. CV of the supervisor(s)
3. CV of the proposed Fellow (if identified), or position description/announcement and search procedures
4. Other supporting materials, such as descriptions of the collection and institution, as desired.

Please prepare materials electronically in as few files as possible. PDF format is preferred; Word documents will also be accepted. Email application materials email faicgrants@conservation-us.org by January 22, 2017.

Applications received will be acknowledged by email. Notification of results should be made by April 1, 2017. Award payments should be made by August 1, 2017.

For more information, please visit: www.conservation-us.org/scholarships-grants/professional-development/kress-conservation-fellowship.

For any questions, email faicgrants@conservation-us.org.