Improved Respirator Fit Testing at the AIC Annual Meeting

The Health & Safety Committee is happy to announce NEW and IMPROVED respirator fit testing for the Annual Meeting in Chicago! We have listened to your feedback and have modified the process to make fit testing more accessible.  The new program includes:

  • An online lecture–no more conflicts with Annual Meeting programming!
  • More options for medical evaluations. Medical evaluations will be provided through AIC (and are included in the price of the fit test) OR you can still see your own doctor.
  • CIPP members get a discount! FREE Fit Test if you sign up for the CIPP Seminar.

Appointments are limited, so register now!

Why Get a Respirator Fit Test?

The AIC Fit Test Program is specifically designed for conservators, particularly those who are self-employed or who do not have a respiratory protection program provided through their employer.

Whether you are using hazardous chemicals in your laboratory or working with mold-infested artifacts after a flood, you need to be sure you are protected with a properly fitting respirator. Do the elastic straps still pull tightly? Do you need a new type or size due to facial changes resulting from weight gain or loss or surgery? Are you using the right kind of protection for your hazard?

OSHA requires individuals be fit tested on an ANNUAL basis to assess the condition of both the respirator and the user. If you perform work that requires the use of a respirator your employer MUST provide the appropriate respiratory protection, medical evaluation, training, information and fit testing–even disposable dust masks are considered by OSHA to be respirators requiring proper fit testing.

It is important to be proactive in your own health and safety and to follow OSHA recommendations and protocols, even if you are your only employee.

What is Involved?

The AIC Respirator Fit Test Program consists of three parts in order to be compliant with the OSHA standard:

(1) An OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire completed by the registrant and reviewed prior to the fit test either with the Chicago-based clinic contracted by AIC (included in the registration fee) or with their own healthcare professional (at their own expense).

(2) An informational lecture (~ 1 hour) and quiz, which can be completed online prior to the meeting.

(3) An individual fit test (about 15-20 minutes/person) at the Annual Meeting.

Fit test appointments will be available on Tuesday, May 30 (9am-5pm) and Wednesday, May 31 (8:30am-11:30am).

Both the lecture and fit test will be conducted by a qualified Occupational Safety Professional or Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Registrants can bring their own respirator if they already use one and/or try on a selection of sample respirators. They will be contacted directly by the Health & Safety Committee to provide the link to the online lecture, to discuss medical evaluation options and to schedule appointments.

How to Register:

Registration for a fit test can be completed through the AIC Annual Meeting online portal.

This year, the Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) Specialty Group is generously funding fit testing for its membership.  CIPP members who register for the CIPP seminar, Innovative ‘Tools’ to Enhance Your Business, can also sign up for a FREE fit test. Can’t attend the seminar? You are still eligible to sign up for a fit test for the reduced rate of $30 (a 50% discount from the regular registration fee). If you aren’t currently a member, add CIPP to your AIC Membership Renewal to receive this benefit ($25).

From the “Sessions” checkout screen, select the “Respirator Fit Test” option and the appropriate registration status (Regular, CIPP Member or CIPP Seminar Attendee) and proceed to checkout. AIC will confirm your status eligibility prior to contacting you about scheduling a specific appointment.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!


The Committee would like to thank all the members who completed our online survey!  Fit Test organizers are making sure to address all the helpful comments, questions and concerns.