SPNHC Call for Applications for the Faber Research Grant

The SPNHC Recognition and Grants Committee requests proposals for the Faber Research Grant, a cash grant of up to $1000, to support an innovative project addressing issues on the management, care, conservation, or use of natural history collections.

Applicants for this Grant must be SPNHC members in good standing for at least one year prior to the award date. The successful applicant will be expected to:

  1. present a final or interim report at the Annual Meeting of the Society, and
  2. publish the results, with the understanding that the manuscript will be sent first to the SPNHC Publications Committee for first right of refusal.

Each applicant may submit only one proposal per funding period. The cover sheet should include a project title, name(s) of project personnel (including title, address, phone number and email), and a single line spaced 100 word abstract describing the proposed project. The proposal text should include a statement of purpose, project plan (e.g., participants, methods, materials, schedule of completion, etc.), and proposed use of funds. The application document should be formatted to have one inch margins, a font with 10-12 characters per inch, and double line spacing. The application, including cover page, should not exceed 10 pages. Curriculum vitae of the principal investigator and letters of commitment may be single spaced and attached as an appendix.

Questions and proposals should be directed to the Chair of the Recognition & Grants Committee, Andrew Bentley (abentley@ku.edu) and must be submitted by February 1st of each calendar year.